Artar Brot

From a small family bakery to a quality and customer oriented wholesale baker. A true specialist in bake off  Mediterranean bread.

In 1987 the Artar brothers founded the family business in Leverkusen, Germany. With passion, creativity and craftsmanship they have managed to meet the highest quality standards and to establish themselves in the market.

Initially, only Mediterranean delicacies were delivered to small stores. Gradually, this continued to evolve and the German food retail was in hand reach.

As a renowned producer of private label brands in the industry with the best quality Artar Brot managed to build an excellent reputation nationally and internationally.


“By working with Innovation Bakeries we did not only manage to increase our market position every year, but they constantly deliver new chances through their active and intense commercialization approach, innovation minded.”
Algin Artar,



Since three generations Tilly has got the same policy on innovation making sure that the company drifts ahead. Since its establishment Tilly ensures a continuing effort to improve the quality and taste of their French Brioche specialties.

The current CEO, Philippe Tilly took over SA Tilly in 1985. His experience and perspective on the market guaranteed the development of the company.

The results of these efforts led to the fact that the company is not only one of the key players in Europe but more and more in the rest of the world.

Tilly has been taken over by Regals de Bretagne: a large French Brioche factory group and owned by the Christian Buton family, to ensure future growth.


“Through our years of cooperation with Innovation Bakeries we succeeded in bringing our strategies to big successes. This is in my opinion because their way of working is built on a mutual trust and integrity in achieving our goals.”
Philippe Tilly,